Media 5 with limit switch (5005-0)

Differential pressure and flow meter


  • Process automation (electric)


  • Filling level measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Pressure drop measurement
  • Flow rate measurement

Special features

  • Differential pressure and flow meter
  • Device for measuring and indicating the differential pressure or measured variables derived from it
  • Version with inductive limit switch with up to three alarm contacts A1/A2/A3 (proximity switches)
  • Suitable for liquids, gases, and vapors
  • Measuring ranges between 0 to 40 and 0 to 3600 mbar
  • Static pressures up to 50 bar
  • Overloadable on one side up to the permissible static pressure
  • Suitable for field mounting (degree of protection IP 54/IP 65) and panel mounting
  • Zero adjustment at the front
  • Adjustment of measuring span 1:2
  • Housing of indicating unit with burst protection
  • Measurement tasks:
    • Liquid level measurement in stationary pressure vessels and transportation vehicles, especially for liquefied cryogenic gases, such as argon, oxygen, or nitrogen
    • Differential pressure measurement between flow and return flow pipe
    • Pressure drop measurement across valves and filters
    • Flow rate measurement according to the differential pressure method


  • Scales according to DIN 837 and DIN 19204
  • Valve block with shut-off valves and test connection
  • Pressure gauge for valve block
  • Compensation chambers, shut-off valves
  • Contact retrofit kits
  • Electric transmitter for pressure


  • Directly connectable (flange) valve block with test connection for tank pressure and pressure switch connection


  • WA 76

    Brochure: Products for Cryogenic Applications
    Cryogenic valves, self-operated regulators, differential pressure meters
  • WA 364

    Flyer: Media 5 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
    with 4 to 20 mA option module
  • AB 10

    Adapt-FS pre-volume deflagration flame arrester
  • AB 09

    Pressure gauges
    Information on their application, selection, installation and operation
  • T 9519

    Media 5 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter
    Indicator 160 Ø · PN 50
  • T 9520-9

    Parameter setting for Media 5/05
  • T 9545

    Differential Pressure and Flow Meters
    Dial faces for Media series
  • T 9500

    Information Sheet:
    Liquid Level, Differential Pressure and Flow Meters
  • T 9550

    Type 90 Orifice Flange · Restriction Orifice Plate


  • EB 9519

    Media 5 Differential Pressure and Flow Meter


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